Squeaky Clean Window Washing

Residential Specialist since 1986

About Us
In 1988, we started Squeaky Clean Window Washing.  After searching with NO Luck, we tried our hand at window cleaning.  Here we found our "Calling."  Now after 21 years, Squeaky Clean is doing well.  We have tried many business opportunities, including sales (automobile), working for a utility, and even some Internet businesses.  But I keep coming back to the window cleaning arena.  Basically, We love it, and God has provided many blessings through this business.  We will continue to serve the Fine People of Anchorage, and the surrounding area.  Thank You for letting us serve you.

What Do We DO?
1)  We Clean Windows-  Outside, Exterior, and Storms.
2)  Inside, Interior, Mirrors, and Glass Lights and Chandaliers
3)  We Clean Screens, Gutters, or Anything We can reach safely. 
4)  Mostly Residential, Very Little Commercial
5)  Ensure the "HIGHEST POSSIBLE QUALITY FOR YOUR MONEY."  We DON'T Cut Corners, We clean them.
6)  We Show Up, on time, for the appointment.  If we will be late, we will try to call.

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